Adios, adieu, farewell, thank-you

After 1000 free gifts, 200 temporary tattoos, 75 days, 58 pirate radio broadcasts, 56 sessions of tennis, 47 artists, 38 collaborating students, 35 creative collaborators, 20 public events, 5 locations across Melbourne, and one pop-up pirate radio tower, Mis-design has finally drawn to a close. A big thanks to all involved, and to all those who visited, participated, colluded, considered and challenged the process and unfolding of this complex, ambitious, irreverent and playful show. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy: Adam Kalkin, Art Lockwood, Tim Fitzgerald, Sylvia Kovacovic, Eugenia Lim, RMIT Media and Communications Students Hannah Brasier, Nelson Chang Chen Chia, Sheryl Chen, Ryan Gasparini, Aaron Hartley, Ruby Jones, Megan Kiatos, Candice Miller, Pavita Sangruengkit, Daniel Tan, Diane Vu, Louise Waldon, Aysha Zackariya, RMIT media lecturer Rachel Wilson, the barber, tattooist Tim Dywelska, horse handler Ray Mina, gospel choir Thursday’s Child led by Therese Virtue, rock band and string duet led by Caroline Webster

Adam Kalkin Pop-up Pirate Radio Tower: Pumphouse Design, Raphael Kilpatrick, Radio guru Bill Runting, State of Design team Kate Rhodes and Dan Honey, State of Design Radio Programmer Anya Trybala and her pop-up radio crew Sam Haywood, Dan Salmon, Eleanor Butt, Jess Wainwright, Lucie Bartonek, Robert Mclean, Tegan, Tharini Iyengher, Will Quinn, Ruben Ayers, Andrew Prata and Sarah Haywood, VCA staff Steve, Alison, Su, Maureen, Jason and Alex 

Andrea Zittel Smockshop Archive: Andrea Zittel, Smockers Hannah Adkins, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Maude Benson, Dafne Boggeri, Michelle Brunnick, Emily Bult, Sonja Cvitkovic, Kenturah Davis, Tiprin Follet, Claire Fong, Karen Gelardi, Hadassa Goldvicht, Kate Hillseth, Donna Huanca, Molly Keogh, Tony Koerner, Carole Frances Lung, Vera Neykov, Peggy Pabustan, Mariana Saldana, Ashira Siegel, V Smiley, Sophie TuslerJason Villegas, artist assistant Erin and curator Teneille

Flatland OK: Tim Fleming, RMIT Interior Design Studio led by Caroline Veins, Carolyn Hughes from Melbourne Central

Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle: Maryann Talia Pau, Lisa Hilli, Grace Vanilau, Lia Pa’apa’a, Georgie and Alex from Alpha 60, 12+ aunties, sisters and PWWC women

Slow Art Collective: Chaco Kato, Dylan Martorell, Ash Keating and Tony Adams, McDonalds staff David, Monica and Sally

The Ian Potter Museum of Art team: Bala Starr, Joanna Bosse, Suzette Wearne, Terry Harding, Amanda Morris, Margee Glover, Jay Miller, Nigel Baldwin, Adam Pyett, Robyn Hovey, Steve Martin, Jane Eckert, Amanda Burritt, John Gerivasilis, Paul Robertson, Hamish Carr and LIz McRae

"Games, Play and Infinite Jest," Lecture at the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy

Presented by Nick Levey from the School of Communication, Arts and Critical Enquiry, La Trobe University

In this great lecture, we venture into the games of the cult classic novel Infinite Jest, including tennis matches at the Enfeld Tennis Academy, which was a big source of inspiration for the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy. Nick talks to us about spectatorship, and we discuss how architecture informs the way we behave in different places. 

All the documentation from the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy and Mis-design projects has now been compiled by our fantastic media collaborators from RMIT. 
Visit the website!!

All the documentation from the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy and Mis-design projects has now been compiled by our fantastic media collaborators from RMIT.

Visit the website!!



In this fantastic lecture as part of the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy, we go on a journey into the universe with Dr Kalliopi Petraki, research fellow, Astroparticle Physics Group, School of Physics, the University of Melbourne. 

Physics and cosmology have become increasingly connected, as discoveries about the origins of the Universe inform our understanding of the structures and interactions of matter, particles, and forces, and vice versa.

Timelapse footage from the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy and Pop-up Pirate Radio Tower at the VCA, part of the archive of the AKTA. The memorial will finish next Saturday, one week count down to the end…

Artist profile of The Captain, aka Adam Kalkin, talking about various stimuli for the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy including the architecture of human experience, sacred texts, Weezer and Bach, Infinite Jest, playing tennis as a child and lots more. Thanks to the talented RMIT media students for putting together the video, it’s awesome!

According to string theory in physics, particles are made up of incredibly tiny “strings”, which are so small that they have only one dimension. Their dynamism comes from how they interact, and it’s believed that they exist in NINE dimensions. The extra six dimensions are imperceptible to human perception. We need intuition, imagination and creativity to understand string theory.

In this lecture as part of the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy lunchtime lecture series, our guest speaker Dr Benedict von Harlin presents an introduction to string theory. Dr von Harlin is part of the Theoretical Particle Physics Group in the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne.

The memorial of the Adam Kalkin Tennis Academy, featuring film, video, images and audio that archive and document the activities of the AKTA during its life from 24th August - 23rd September. The gallery space is infused with sacred texts from the AKTA handbook, recordings from the WAKTA radio station, studio footage created by RMIT media students in collaboration with Adam Kalkin, and archival material that may just change the way you see the connection of art, sport, design, architecture and the human body.

Visit and commemorate the AKTA, on show in the ground floor north gallery at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne, Swanston St Melbourne, until November 5th 2011. 

Adam Kalkin talks to Heath Westbury on the very spiritual WAKTA radio station, broadcasting from the Pop Up Pirate Radio Tower. Heath is building his own home in Hobart, Tasmania, using shipping containers and was inspired by Adam’s approach to design and architecture.